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  • After booking the accommodation, the accommodation provider asks for 20% of the accommodation fee to be transferred as a reservation, which is requested by email, specifying the account number.
  • In case of cancellation, a penalty payment is required, the amount of which, depending on the date, is as follows:
    – 20% of the accommodation fee before 2pm on the day of arrival, 100% of the accommodation fee after 2pm
    – 20% of the accommodation fee for 1-31 days before arrival, after this period the reservation can be canceled free of charge.


  • Upon arrival, the guest must hand over his personal documents (passport or identity card) for registration in the guestbook.
    The guest must pay the prices of the services (accommodation, board) in advance upon arrival
  • Guests receive a room key during registration, which requires the accurate filling out of a registration form. When leaving, please hand in the room key at the front desk! (In case of possible loss of the given keys, the guests are obliged to report this immediately and to reimburse the price of the key, as well as the replacement of the lock, to the host.)
  • The rooms are secured from 2 p.m. on the day of arrival, please leave the room by 10 a.m. on the day of departure. (Of course, if our employees finish cleaning first, the rooms can be occupied before 2 p.m.)
  • You can pay at our accommodation with cash or bankcard


  • You can book our accommodation by phone or email.
  • In the high season and during special periods, after confirming the reservation, we ask you to transfer a 20% deposit to the following account number:
    – BANK TRANSFER DATA: OTP Bank Nyrt. 11738084-29906046-00000000


  • Only guests registered at the reception are allowed to stay in the guesthouse, guests staying with us are not allowed to host their own guests!
  • It is forbidden to let strangers in without the presence of the host!
  • It is forbidden to bring pets into the boarding house or the guest rooms without permission!
  • Guests over the age of 18 staying in our guesthouse are required to pay tourist tax, the local rate of which is 500 HUF/person/night. The room prices do not include the tourist tax!
  • Dear guests, please do not disturb the rest of the other guests by making noise! (Especially after 10 p.m. pay attention to each other’s calmness.)
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited in our guesthouse! You can only smoke in the designated area.
  • In order to avoid fires, do not store flammable and explosive materials in your room! Only use open flames (candles, wicks) in the rooms with due caution!
  • The equipment in the rooms can only be rearranged with the consent of the reception!
  • We ask our guests to report any kind of malfunction experienced in the room to the reception immediately. Damage caused by carelessness or on purpose will be reimbursed by the pensioner.
  • Neither the employee of the boarding house nor the owner assumes responsibility for valuables left at the accommodations!
    We ask our guests – before leaving their room – to make sure that the water taps are not left open, the electricity is not on, and the TV is turned off!


  • All complaints will only be taken into account if they are reported during your stay here. We do not accept subsequent complaints!
  • Feel free to contact our reception staff with other wishes and for more information, we will try to meet all your needs to the best of our ability!
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